Winter Keys

by Skin Blues

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First track from the upcoming Skinny Dipping E.P. by Skin Blues


I cannot return your winter keys
I cannot return. do as you please.
You can go to my sister and complain.
You can stand on your window sill and watch a seal in its pain.

I am not on a waiting call
I'm already dead
In the wine cellar with the mole
Buried by you. Under
On your over equipped bed
And you tear up the sheets and shed
All the tears you had never had
That you saved for the time
I am dead.

In your eyes I have gained and angel's grace.
So divine you can't look me in the face.
You can now calculate how much I'm worth.
You can stand on your window sill and watch a seal drop to earth.

No, I don't think it's Halloween. I am really dead. Trick or treat anyway you win a trip to the right and wrong land.
I am dead in your fax machine.
I am dead in your 12 inch screen.
Don't get mad or create a scene till you've seen: it's your sin. I am dead.

My love has turned to rot. Why not? Why not? My heart still beats but not very often. Why not? Because it's rotten.
So I bought me a whip.
Now I live to be hip.
And I live to be slim and to swim and to swim.
Through the swimming pool walls to the big ugly sea, to the enemy's land or to my very end. This is my very end. This is my very end.

I am NOT on a standby flight. I am very dead. With the old, handsome, wise and bright from all the books that you've read.
I am no longer girl nor boy.
I am too airy to destroy.
I'm a dream. I'm a sunshine beam. I'm with Him. I am home. I am dead.


released January 22, 2017
Written by Sister Chain, composed by Sister Chain & Nir Matarasso and arranged by Nir Matarasso with additional arrangement by Brother John Higgins.
Written 1999, 2016
Recorded 2016 by Brother John Higgins, The Dwarfhaus, Berlin.
Mastering by Harel Schreiberr
Digitization by Amir Zoref



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